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Rice husk puffing machine

2024-01-25 403read Source:Henan Huatai Group

Rice husk puffing machine

It belongs to a kind of feed processing machinery for puffed rice husk. It consists of the body, screw sleeve, screw, nozzle, front cover, transmission device, hopper and frame. It has a simple structure, small size, low cost, and is easy to move. It is suitable for small and medium-sized professional farmers in my country to process rice husk into loose and soft small granular roughage.

Cooking and exploding machine

It relates to equipment for an enterprise or feed processing plant that produces single-cell protein from rice husk - a rice husk cooking and expansion machine. This machine cancels the horizontal auger-type quantitative feeding device of the traditional model and replaces it with direct feeding. The water supply system changes the water pump pressure supply to tap water pressure supply. There are grooves in the feeding barrel, an offset feed port, and a cone. The barrel is modular and the materials used are relatively sophisticated. Its basic performance has reached the advanced level of similar models at home and abroad. Its volume is only one-half of that of similar models. It can smoothly handle powdery materials that are difficult to handle with ordinary models and perform multiple repeated expansion treatments. It can better meet the requirements of single-cell protein production enterprises and feed factories using rice husk.


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