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How to choose type of cooking oil

2024-03-22 328read Source:Henan Huatai Group

Based on the calculation that the recommended daily fat intake for a normal person is about 60 grams, and the ratio of saturated fatty acids: monounsaturated fatty acids: polyunsaturated fatty acids is 1:1:1, then the intake of saturated fatty acids is 20 grams, so alone Eating 150 grams of pork belly without any cooking oil not only exceeds the standard for total fat, but also far exceeds the recommended range of saturated fatty acids.
    Therefore, when we use livestock as the main source of animal food in our lives, if we also use animal oil for cooking, the saturated fatty acids must exceed the standard.

On the contrary, if our dietary pattern is relatively "vegetarian" and we rarely eat "meat" meat, for example, if the source of protein is mainly beans, because the proportion of saturated fatty acids in bean oil is not high, about 15%, then It is also okay to choose lard for 1/3 or half of our cooking oil, which can balance the ratio of fatty acids.
    In daily life, it is not necessary and impossible to accurately calculate the proportions of different fatty acids in the diet, but as long as your dietary structure is reasonable and the total fat intake is within the normal range, control the fat intake in food and use cooking When using oil, mix oils with different fatty acid ratios. For example, soybean oil with a high polyunsaturated fatty acid ratio is mixed or used alternately with olive oil with a high monounsaturated fatty acid ratio. At the same time, use less animal oil as cooking oil, that is Balanced.


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