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Subcritical low-temperature extraction technology

2024-03-07 368read Source:Henan Huatai Group

Rice oil extraction methods include pressing, organic solvent extraction, supercritical extraction, and subcritical low-temperature extraction. The oil yield rate of the pressing method is low, the impurity content is high, and the high temperature generated during the extrusion process destroys the unsaturated fatty acids and sterols and other active substances in the oil; the ordinary organic solvent extraction method uses high temperature desolvation during production, which destroys the oil. Medium unsaturated fatty acids greatly reduce the nutritional value of oil. Supercritical CO2 extraction technology is used to produce rice oil. The operating pressure of this process is high (25-30 MPa), the equipment scale is small, the investment is large, and the production cost is too high, resulting in the cost of the oil not being recognized by the market.

The use of subcritical low-temperature extraction technology to extract rice oil makes up for the shortcomings of the above production processes. Subcritical (main solvents are butane and propane) extraction technology is a new extraction technology in the food processing industry. The solvent has a low boiling point, is gaseous at normal temperature and pressure, and is easy to volatilize. Subcritical extraction of rice bran oil is to use its characteristics to extract and separate rice oil from raw materials. We use domestic advanced technology to explore the intrinsic value of agricultural products, follow the development path of comprehensive utilization, efficient utilization, and recycling. We have achieved a major breakthrough in the extraction technology of rice oil and adopted subcritical low-temperature extraction technology to solve the problems in the natural product extraction process. Thermal sensitivity problem has been solved, and large-scale production of natural product extraction has been achieved. Through this technology, rice bran can be deeply processed to extract rice oil, polysaccharides, etc., creating good opportunities for the healthy development of the rice industry and the comprehensive development and utilization of agricultural products.


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