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Different palm oil added in milk powder

2024-03-01 419read Source:Henan Huatai Group

Fat is essential energy for the growth of infants and young children. The infant period is the time when babies grow and develop most rapidly. The development of the brain, heart, cardiovascular tissue and the accumulation of subcutaneous fat all require the participation of sufficient lipids.

There are two sources of fat in milk powder: one is the fat contained in the milk-based raw materials; the other is the various vegetable oils added.

Palm oil is rich in palmitic acid, and palmitic acid is one of the important components of breast milk. Studies have shown that the palmitoleic acid content in breast milk fat is as high as 50%-70%, which can provide growth energy for babies, so adding palm oil to milk powder is a good idea. It's to get closer to breast milk.

Palm oil is made from palm pulp . It is widely added to infant formula because it is rich in palmitic acid. However, due to its structure, about 93% of the palmitic acid will be separated in the baby's body. It combines with the calcium in the baby's body to form insoluble calcium soap, which can easily cause constipation and irritation in the baby.

Palm kernel oil is made from palm kernels and contains a large amount of lower fatty acids. Its properties are closer to coconut oil, but it is rarely added to milk powder.

As for palm oil, it is palm oil with a melting point of <24° . Since its unsaturated fatty acid content is higher than that of palm oil, it reduces the chance of combining palmitic acid with calcium and is closer to the fat structure of breast milk, so it is relatively It is said that it is not easy to cause constipation in babies.

Both palm oil and palm liquid oil are commonly added to milk powder, and can add palmitic acid needed for baby's growth. The difference is that palm liquid oil is less likely to cause babies to get angry.


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