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Operation Instructions for Toothed Roller Crusher

2022-07-22 808read Source:Henan Huatai Group

1. Scope of application and characteristics

1) Scope of application

Toothed roller crusher is a new type of machine that is used in the process of making oil from granular oil such as soybeans. Through the crushing of granular oil materials by this machine, the effect of flaking can be significantly improved, the quality of flakes can be guaranteed, and the oil yield and productivity can be improved.

2) Features

This machine has the advantages of low noise, high output, uniform crushing particle size, and low power consumption. At the same time, due to the use of hydraulic mechanism adjustment, it is easy to operate, the force of the gear roll is balanced, flexible and reliable, and it is easy to maintain. The surface of the roller has high hardness and is more wear-resistant.

2. Structure and general working process

   The double-pair toothed roller crusher is mainly composed of feeding device, crushing roller, roller distance adjustment device, transmission mechanism, machine base and other parts. The feeding device is composed of a storage hopper, a feeding roller, a permanent magnet, and a feeding drop plate. Its function is to adjust the feeding amount and ensure uniform flow in the entire length direction of the roller, and remove iron impurities in the feed oil to prevent Destruction of toothed rollers. The upper and lower pairs of toothed rollers of the toothed roller crusher are placed in parallel, and each pair of toothed rollers rotates in opposite directions, one of which is a fast roller and the other is a slow roller. The teeth of each pair of rollers are configured according to "front to front". When working, Due to the existence of the speed difference between the rollers, the two oppositely rotating toothed rollers use the shearing and squeezing action of the tooth angles on the toothed rollers to cut the oil falling between the rollers into small pieces, so as to achieve the purpose of crushing. The roller distance adjustment device can be used to change the distance between the toothed rollers to ensure that the particle size of the crushed oil meets the process requirements. In order to ensure the crushing effect of the oil, the moisture, temperature, impurity content and flow of the oil must be controlled. Maintain reasonable working conditions of the crusher, such as the wear of the roller teeth, the sealing of the baffles at both ends of the toothed roller, whether the adjustment of the gap between the two ends of the toothed roller is consistent, etc.

3. Installation and commissioning

1) Install:

  a. Prepare the foundation according to the size shown in the installation foundation diagram. The depth of the foundation is appropriate according to the site, but not less than 500mm.

  b. Correct the level of the machine, tighten the anchor nuts, and install the belt and belt cover.

  c. When installing the V-belt, check whether the sheave is rusted, whether there is grease and dirt in the groove, etc., install the V-belt after cleaning, and adjust the belt tensioning mechanism to ensure that the V-belt can work normally.

2) Debugging:

  a. The amount of feeding is controlled by the speed of the stop gate and the feed roller. When the gap between the stop gate and the feed roller increases, the speed increases and the feed quantity increases, and vice versa.

  b. The size of the broken particle size is accomplished by adjusting the distance between the toothed rollers and the pressure.

4. Care and Maintenance

  1. The machine should be lubricated on time. Lithium-based lubricating grease should be filled into the tile seat bearing every month, and it should be completely replaced every three months. Other bearings should be filled with calcium-based lubricating grease every three months.

  2. Do not use the new belt with the old one.

  3. When working, the tension of the V-belt should be checked regularly, so as not to affect the normal operation of the whole machine due to the aggravation of the wear of the V-belt due to the slipping of the V-belt.

  4. The toothed rollers should be checked regularly, and the toothed rollers that are worn to a certain extent should be removed and re-drawn in time. The drawing degree is 12:100, the tooth profile angle is: sharp angle 30°, obtuse angle 60°, the number of teeth per inch can be determined according to the original factory, or according to the actual situation of our factory. If the toothed rollers are severely worn and not repaired in time, the powder degree will often increase or the motor will be overloaded during crushing.

  5. When abnormal vibration is found on the rack, it should be stopped for inspection to find out the cause of the accident and eliminate it in time.


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