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Pre-melting tank installation

2022-07-20 725read Source:Henan Huatai Group

With the expansion of large-scale breeding of poultry in the market, many large-scale pig, cattle, sheep and other slaughtering and processing enterprises leave a large amount of animal fat for processing and utilization. The pre-melting tank is often used together with the horizontal vacuum cooking pot, which can greatly shorten the cooking time and provide a guarantee for the subsequent process.

The equipment is suitable for refining various animal fats such as lard refining equipment, chicken oil refining equipment, duck oil refining equipment, butter refining equipment, sheep oil refining equipment, etc.

The preliminary thawing of the animal fat taken out from the cold storage provides favorable conditions for the vacuum cooking process, shortens the cooking time, and improves the quality of the oil.

The main body is a cylinder with a side jacket, a frame-type stirrer is installed in the pot, a frame-type stirring fin is arranged on the stirring shaft, and a frame-type stirring fin parallel to the bottom of the cylinder is arranged at the bottom of the pot. The frame-type stirring fin is equipped with a special scraper, and the stirrer is driven by a motor through a cycloidal pinwheel. There are jackets around and at the bottom of the cylinder for heating the inside of the vessel.

Installation and commissioning of pre-melting tank

1 Lift the pre-melting tank into the reserved anchor bolts. Align the center verticality of the stirring shaft with a hammer line, and the upper and lower bearings of the stirring shaft must be on the same vertical line.

2 Before commissioning, clean up the sundries inside and outside the machine, check the fastening and lubrication of the bolts, and pay attention to the lubrication of transmission parts such as reducers and bearings.

3 Before feeding, it must run idling for 30 minutes according to the items of no-load operation, and check the operation again for any abnormal sound.

4 After the dry running is normal, start feeding again.



Main points of operation and maintenance of pre-melting tank

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