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The 50T/D soybean, peanut, and small black seed pretreatment

2024-01-23 518read Source:Henan Huatai Group

On January 17, 2024, the 50T/D soybean, peanut, and small black seed pretreatment oil extraction, 20T/D leaching, and 20T/D refining projects designed and manufactured by Huatai Group were sent to Ethiopia.

 The 50T/D soybean, peanut, and small black seed pretreatment oil extraction

When an oil factory produces edible oil, it will first pretreat the oil. The pretreatment process and equipment will change according to the type of oil. The pretreated oil can increase the oil yield, improve the quality of the oil, and improve the quality of the oil and cake. The quality has been improved to a certain extent, so it is a very important process in the production process of edible oil.

Pretreatment before leaching includes specific operations such as cleaning, crushing, softening, rolling, steaming and frying. The effect of pretreatment will have an impact on the oil production effect. The following are the different steps and functions of the pretreatment stage.

1. Clean up:

The purpose of cleaning is to remove impurities such as stones, silt, stems and leaves, and iron contained in soybean and peanut raw materials, and then select out the moldy and damaged seeds. Commonly used cleaning methods include screening, winnowing, magnetic separation, specific gravity sorting, etc. Commonly used equipment in the cleaning process include: vibrating screens, specific gravity stone removers, air suction separators, permanent magnet drums, etc.

2. Broken:

After cleaning oil crops, the raw materials must be crushed. The purpose is to crush it to a certain particle size to meet the rolling conditions. The surface area of the crushed oil increases, which facilitates the transfer of temperature and moisture during softening and improves the softening effect. It is required that the oil crops have uniform particle size after crushing, no oil, no agglomeration, little powder, and the particle size meets the requirements.

3. Softening:

Softening is an important pretreatment process before rolling. It can adjust the oil to the appropriate moisture. The texture of soybeans is hard. Softening can make the texture soft and increase the plasticity.

4. Rolling embryo:

The crushed and softened oil crops must be rolled by embryo rolling equipment to turn them into embryos or green embryos with the required thickness.

The purpose of embryo rolling:

(1) Destroy the oil cell tissue so that the oil can be separated from the cells;

(2) The oil material is rolled into thin slices, and the oil comes out of the material embryo, making it easy to produce oil;

(3) The rolled embryo is easy to steam and fry, the heat-absorbing surface is enlarged, the heat-absorbing surface is even, and it is easy to absorb water.

5. Steam and stir-fry

Steaming and frying is one of the important steps to improve the oil yield. The commonly used method is to wet the oil first, and then dry it in a frying pan to make the oil reach the pressing moisture and temperature required by the process.

The 50T/D soybean, peanut, and small black seed pretreatment oil extraction

The pretreated oil is sent to the leaching equipment. The oil produced by the leaching equipment has the advantages of less residual oil in the cake, high oil yield, low processing cost, high economic benefits, wide application range, and good quality of the meal.

1. High oil yield

The oil-making process of leaching equipment can fully extract the oil in the oil, reduce the amount of residual oil in the cake, and increase the oil yield. The residual oil content of the oil cake after leaching is less than 0.5%.

2. Good cake quality

The remaining oil meal after oil extraction equipment has higher protein content and better quality. It has good feeding effect as raw material for food and feed production.

3. Low production cost

Leaching oil equipment is more suitable for large-scale production, solvent and recovery recycling, saving a lot of coal, electricity and other heat source costs, and low production costs.

4. High degree of automation

The leaching equipment has a high degree of automation control. The leaching method is a combination of chemical production units, which is easy to realize automatic control of temperature, pressure, liquid level, vacuum, flow rate and material level.

5. Good production environment

The production environment of leaching oil equipment is good. When the oil is leached, the oil is produced in a closed manner within the leacher. No leaks, no dust, low temperature.

 The 50T/D soybean, peanut, and small black seed pretreatment oil extraction

Finally, we enter the refining stage of oil. Refining equipment is one of the main equipment to ensure the quality, grade and food safety of oil in the processing of edible oil. In the process of oil refining, different oil materials use different processes. How to determine the use of oil? What kind of process can follow the following four principles.

1. The refining process should be selected to maximize the oil refining yield. Reduce losses during the refining process and strive to improve the process. We use advanced technology and reliable equipment to achieve the highest oil yield. We pay attention to reducing the emissions of reactants in every process, and try to recover as much oil as possible from the waste.

2. The main processes of oil refining include degumming, deacidification, decolorization, deodorization, dewaxing and other processes. Manufacturers need to determine a reasonable combination of refining processes based on the type, nature, composition of crude oil and the grade indicators of oil products.

3. The technological process for refining edible oil should be simple and reasonable. The production process should be mechanized, continuous, highly automated, and low in labor intensity.

4. The configuration adaptability of technology and process equipment should be strong. Generally, a typical full refining process and a one-machine multi-purpose technical solution are set up. Consider being used in the production of multiple varieties and specifications of oil products.

 The 50T/D soybean, peanut, and small black seed pretreatment oil extraction

The above is the entire process of oil extraction by oil investment manufacturers. When purchasing suitable oil machinery and equipment, it is crucial to pay attention to the manufacturer. The manufacturer is strong and the equipment is guaranteed, allowing users to produce with more confidence. Users are welcome to visit Huatai Machinery to inspect and purchase.


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